Leach Field Repair, Pensacola, FL

We can help you maintain and repair your septic system, including the leach field.

Leach fields typically consist of a network of perforated pipes, which are buried in trenches filled with aggregate material, such as gravel. These pipes allow wastewater to seep through the soil by distributing it uniformly across a certain area. The soil functions as an organic filter, eliminating dangerous bacteria and contaminants from wastewater before it can reach the groundwater. However, like many things, leach fields might encounter problems that require repair, which is where our team at Johnson Septic Inc. comes in.

Leach Field Repair in Pensacola, Florida

Several things may lead to the need for leach field repair, such as:

  • Soil Saturation: Excessive water usage or inadequate drainage can result in oversaturated soil, which hinders effluent absorption and creates backups.
  • Clogging: Solid trash, grease, and other debris can build up in the leach field pipes over time and impede the flow of wastewater.
  • Compaction: Compacted soil may not properly absorb water because of heavy machinery or building operations taking place above the leach field.
  • Tree Root Intrusion: In search of nutrients and moisture, tree roots may seep into drain field pipes, clogging them up and causing damage.

It is imperative to seek prompt leach field repair services as soon as you notice an issue. When leach fields aren’t working properly, raw wastewater can leak into the groundwater, contaminating water supplies and posing health hazards. Furthermore, the sooner you schedule leach field repair services, the less you’ll need to spend on costly repairs or replacements.

Keeping your leach field in good condition is essential if you rely on a septic system in the Pensacola, Florida area. Please contact our skilled team today to learn more or schedule a leach field repair service.